Friday, April 10, 2009

Wrestling Observer letters never fail to make me cringe but this shit is straight up disgusting. Wrestling fans are constantly trying to find comparisons between the real world and this gay fake shit. Checking any wrestling board you will see movie discussions with wrestling terminology thrown in. Hey faggots movie villains are not heels. Anyway off we go into the suck:

Dave, As you know, today has been a trying time for the Angels family, with the sudden and shocking death of one of our young pitchers, Nick Adenhart in a car accident.


Earlier today, the decision to postpone tonight's game was decided by MLB, the Angels and A's. I firmly believe it was the right decision. In fact, I cannot argue it the other way.

No shit bro.

It made me think back to the Owen Hart incident

LOLOLOL WHAT! Owen Hart was killed doing a stunt before his fake fight, Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver far away from the arena. The only similarity I can see is they both got 'hart' in their names.

Vince's decision to continue with the show, because "that's the way Owen would have wanted it." While I may have bought into that years ago, knowing how I feel today, I cannot express how wrong that decision, albeit in hindsight, really was.

Wait, so you bought into Vince's excuse years ago but are just starting to see that he had other motives that day? Really? You didn't see how fucked up it was until a pitcher died in a freak accident a decade later?

There is NO WAY we could have played a baseball game after what happened this morning. I cannot fathom the thought of cheering on a day like this. Yet, years ago at Kemper Arena, McMahon chose to go on with the show despite a tragedy occuring, not earlier in the day, but right in front of their very fans.

LOLOLOL busted out the caps this guy is SERIOUS NOW!

It is an old topic, and I don't mean to re-hash the past, but I've done a lot of thinking today and this is something that made me think. Life should be more respected than anything else in this world.

It took the death of Owen Hart and Nick Adenhart for this fan to understand the value of life.

Keep up the great work.

Name withheld by request

Shook One PT III.


  1. Main problem I have with the decision is that it wasn't the way Owen would have wanted it. Owen was true to the craft, a real artist. If Owen could have had his way he would have preferred his opponent that evening wrestle his corpse rather to be taken out of the ring the way he was. You don't become a 5 star quality wrestler without being willing to make the ultimate sacrifices to your art. Bret Hart would have come to grips with this eventually if he hadn't been head kicked into retardation by Goldberg.

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