Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Credit: Insider source, Virgil Wrestling Superstar

Glory days are here again.

Smarks have been wondering around aimlessley since evil CARY canned the messianic GABE in what was seen as an act of treachery against the man who gave us the jap experience of watching ***** classics in some shithole in new jersey. He allowed us to live our dreams of being puro fans as ROD STRONG became our defacto kawada. He even brought crippled cancer victim KOBASHI to excahnge chops with some tubby samoan which gave roh STRONGSTYLE legitness. yes, a real life jap who did REAL WRESTLING not SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT (spits). Some smarks hung on desperately whilst crying as they saw a boring tv product that didnt reflect the true FIGHTINGSPIRITO of the promotion they once loved. others turned to cosplay promotion chikara and their brand of ironic "wackiness" made for grown manchildren fetishising their youth....

...But now therr is light where once there was darkness. GABE returns and he has brought the smarks not just one jap but many many skinny hairless somersaulting japs. ROH is dead, long live DRAGON GATE-O USA!

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  1. A masterstroke by Gabe, one-upping Pierce's transparent ploy (make bland honkeys the tag champs) for smart mark love.

    Sexy Japanese Ladyboys > Vanilla Midgets

  2. Then again, the show apparently takes place the same time as Comic Con. A catastrophic misstep.

    One step forward, two steps back.

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