Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wrestling Has Always Been Stupid

Recently, Joey Babbysack wrote about how disgraceful the current WWE product is, how disrespectful to the legends of the business. John Cena, it seems, doesn't respect the boys in the back enough. He makes a laughingstock of men who were serious athletes and amazing performers. Would Ric Flair wear a belt with a spinner? Would Lou Thesz? Of course not! These were men. Serious men.

Lou Thesz may have wrestled a bear, but dammit, he made that bear respect the business. Ric Flair may have been a comedy performer, filling every match with goofy pratfalls and occasionally showing his ass (literally), but he did it respectfully.

At least this seems to be Babbysack's unironic contention, seemingly unaware that wrestling has always been intended for eternal adolescents and the mentally retarded. Wrestling is stupid, disposable and throw away entertainment. It has been for years. No one has ever taken it seriously and noone ever will. It is inherently ridiculous, filled with pumped up gays pretending to fight and sneering at each other and the audience.

Not only that, but your legends are all whores. Lou Thesz would have worn the Spinner Belt, done the job for Chyna, and kissed Vince's ass. Because he was a phony and a money grubbing jackass. They all are. These are your heroes Babbysack. These are your heroes.

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  1. but god dammit flair fell flat on his face like some sort of bleached blonde retarded Shemp with CLASS and DIGNITY. Cena has no HONOR! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!