Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old School is cool

(Note the following post was sent to me via Usenet since the author does not like to use post-1980's technology)

Hey there people in blogoland (that is my little pet name for blogs) my name is Walter Feingold and im here to give you the inside scoop on pro wrestling’s olden days! The days when it was a "real " fake sport before Vince (who I like to call Satan!!! har har) took two men rolling around together in their underwear fake fighting and made it into a circus! Is their anything in life more worse and degrading than a circus? I think not. Anyway my hatred of circuses (and the silliness of said circuses) has gotten me distracted I want to talk about what watching wrestling was like for me growing up.

The year was 1984, Ronnie was in the White House keeping government off our backs, on fridays JR Ewing was kicking ass on Dallas, and Saturdays.. Well Saturdays were all about Georgia Championship Wrestling on WTBS. With the great psychological based storylines, hard nosed wrestling action, and the man calling it all Mr. Gordon Soile.
I do not have the words nor the space to tell you all what Gordon Soile meant to my life. It is true that we have never met or spoke but I still think of him as the father figure of my youth.(after all unlike my biological dad Gordon never tried to light me on fire)

But one Saturday something horrible happened, I was ready to watch Papa Gordon on GCW I had my Doritos, my ,Cheetos and my KY all ready to go and all of a sudden.... Well folks did you think old Walter would give away the whole story in one sitting? Heck no toon in next time same bat time same bat blog (haha I always loved the old Batman show much better than the violent Batman crap that was in the theaters last summer). Well Im off I just read in Alt.Tv.Mash that Hallmark is about the show the ep where Hawkeye yells at Radar! Got to go.
Walter Feingold



  2. Why does every non-DVDVR online wrestling writer hate wrestling and every other wrestling writer?