Monday, April 13, 2009

Joshi MMA Report

I only watch Joshi MMA because it is MMA in it's purest most beautiful form. With that said, MMA promotion Strikeforce held a Joshi MMA battle over the weekend as She-Beast Cris CYBORG continuously smashed the face of tiny jap girl Hitomi Akano. (You can watch the whole match here before Youtube takes it down) . CYBORG was like twice the size of Delicate Flower Akano, who took like 7 minutes worth of punches and kicks straight to the fucking face but to her credit did not bleed one drop, possibly because she has the powers of Bushido on her side.
After the match, CYBORG more or less said she was so huge coming into the fight because she was bloated from her period. Most folks would be grossed out by such talk but it makes me yearn to be held in CYBORG's soft embrace even more than before. After I got over the initial shock of finding out CYBORG's dick was way bigger than mine, I would want nothing more than to make sweet love to her.

This sets up CYBORG to meet the only other notable Joshi MMA star, Gina "Hot Tits" Carano in August. This fight will not only be awesome, but I can guarantee it will produce at least one erection from me, and if it goes all 3 rounds I might even achieve Full Release.

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