Saturday, April 18, 2009

So I guess Sweeney really is mental

Special thanks to RAPBOY 4:20:69 for the HOT TIPS

part 1:

part 2:

So basically, this is Larry Sweeney outside of the Astrodome (or wherever the fuck WM25 was held) on Wrestlemania weekend agreeing to partake in some backyard wrestle fighting with some fat kid. In Part one it's mostly talking, and it gets to a point of awkwardness where Sweeney resembles a drunk uncle making a TMI sexual speech at a family gathering in front of your 9 year old cousins. REAL TALK: It was kind of hard for me to watch without cringing.

The 2nd part is said backyard wrestle fight with some fat kid, and then at the very end he gives a "promo" which is also odd and rambling and just not something a sane person would do. Thoughts AND prayers go out to Larry Sweeney. Get better bro. STAY UP. ONE LOVE.


  1. you can hear him calling spots, he isn't totally gone.

  2. Him calling spots exposes the business. It was like watching that jerkoff magician from Fox's Magic Secret Revealed.

  3. Jesus Christ you guys still up in that underwear wearing, angry lookin, grease covered, japanese resembling stuff?

    For the love of god just stop wasting your lifes giving pointless quarter stars to complete nobodys.

    At least this dude aint wearin black undys.

    Gay shit.

  4. Let's laugh at the bipolar guy!