Friday, May 1, 2009

Impact minus the first hour!

Haha ol' Andrew... what WON'T I do? Well this time, what I won't do is be home in time to see the first hour of impact. So let's pretend, for the sake of all involved, that this is only an hour show. Yay!
Motor City Machine Guns are convinced Christopher Daniels AKA DANIELS is Suicide! And he says he isn't! And then he beats them up!
Mick Foley fails to recruit Samoa Joe to help him, I dunno. Whatever. The commercial for Transformers 2 came on and it was reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll awesome. That will be the best movie ever, even better than Transformers 1! I'm gonna drink 6 Pepsis and see it twice!
So then the best run of match to segment ever happened as Cody Deaner my main mans wrestled Abyss. He hit Abyss with a bunch of weapons and Abyss bled a little bit, then he was just like GRAAAAAAAARGH and crushed Cody Deaner which was sad but still awesome. Then, because TNA loves me all of a sudden, dear, confused little Lauren interviewed Daffney and it was awesome because Daffney is crazy and they both love Abyss.
Oh you know what? I didn't pay attention to any of the rest. I'm sorry guys. There was something with Samoa Joe being a bad friend and then Mick Foley did something and a sleazy guy hit him and Kurt Angle and there we go.
Who cares, you know.


  1. this recap was more entertaining than any TNA show could ever hope to be.

    Also, "Who Cares, You Know?" should be their new tagline.

  2. Who is that guy in the picture? Jesus.

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